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Valentino Red Bug Coat and Dress

A jacquard bug print two piece, I mean! This is the perfect outfit for so many occasions. You will feel very grown up in this but still with a hint of fun. The print is very beautiful and has lovely hints of pastel colours. The collar on the jacket is detachable, yet I think it’s much more fab with it on. The dress sits on the waist and is extremely flattering, it’s a very cute shape. I think it’s great teamed with green shoes, but it would also be very chic teamed with lilac.

  • Fits UK 8

  • The jacket is longer than the skirt

  • Jacket Length 98cm Back Width 53cm Bust 49cm Waist 49cm Hips 51cm Arm Length 54cm

  • Dress Length 86cm Bust 42cm Waist 35cm Hips 52cm

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