Sarah's Wardrobe


Coats, Jackets and Suits

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Frankie London Olive Patent Trench Coat


Mango Fringed Wool Blazer


Sandro Long Fringed Coat


“If you are investing in one coat this winter then this is your girl. The most beautiful colour, perfect shape and it has fringing on the back!”

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John Lewis Checked Coat

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Zara Denim Suit

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Marks & Spencer Ecru Corduroy Blazer

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Mango Oversized Fringed Coat

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Closed Check Jacket and Trousers

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Zara Sequin Suit


Kitri Kick Flare Trouser Suit


Uterque Checked Trench Coat

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Mango Flowy Trench

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Arket Quilted Long Jacket

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Arket Corduroy Jacket


Mango Checked Texture Jacket

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M&S Blazer


“This is such a chic blazer. The cut and colour are spot on. I love the idea of this worn with jeans a Chanel-esq style flat.”


Valentino Red Bug Coat and Dress

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Arket Denim Workwear Jacket


“I love the oversized, relaxed shape of this jacket. A really great thing to have in your wardrobe. It will be that jacket that you always go too. Just like a really good friend!”


Tamara Jarmon Lace Coat