Sarah's Wardrobe


I am a stylist, a serial shopper, a mother and a wife, who has a serious addiction to clothes. I am constantly being asked ‘Where is that from?’ and I am a true believer that a great outfit makes you feel mega. And we all deserve to feel mega. 

I share my ‘Latest Finds’ of the things that I want in my wardrobe or are in transit to be in my wardrobe. You can shop these through my website. As fashion changes so quickly and I shop a lot, I will be updating my site all the time.

I have a treasure-trove of a wardrobe (amassed from my shopping addiction) so I thought it was about time to start renting out my wardrobe. You can rent pieces for weddings, parties, lunches, basically any occasion you want. On top of this I have pieces that help jazz up your holiday wardrobe, all without the huge price tag. 

I hope that my website inspires you and helps you find the perfect something to make you feel FAB. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me with any questions or if you just want some advice at or 07789734493